Monday, April 23, 2007

1st Training Walk

Dear friends, this is an update of my Avon Walk training and fundraise process.

I was walking from 3 to 5 miles in the gym on my own, but I got really bored with that. So I slowly quit it. I haven’t gone to the gym in at least a month.

About two weeks ago I got the Avon Walk Newsletter and realized I had only 97 days until the big Walk Day (July 7 & 8). I got really scared. The first thing I thought was I’m not ready yet, and if I keep doing what I’m doing I won’t be ready on July either. So I signed up for my first Training Walk.

When I did it I was still in doubt for different reasons: the meeting point and time were ridiculous, 6:30am at the Presidio in San Francisco, at least half hour drive from home. Besides that the forecast was predicting heavy rains and winds; and who wants to deal with all that on a Saturday morning, the only day you get to sleep in?

In spite of my doubt and concerns I did manage to get up that early and I showed up just on time to listen to the “Safety Speech” and depart with the team.

We were about 17 women, all registered to walk on July. I was the only one doing the training walk for the first time, they all assured that it was going to be fun and that I was going to love it. They were right.

We departed right before 7am and immediately I noticed they had been training and I hadn’t. Those ladies were fast and soon I found myself alone, I tried to catch them but it took me a while. Maybe I was warm enough and I was able to pick up my pace, but most likely they got tired. I like to think that the hills helped me out, I notice everybody complained or had something to say about them; I didn’t waste my energy doing that but concentrated on keeping walking and breathing, I’m sure my mountains back in Mérida have something to do with my current approach of the famous hills of San Francisco.

The promised rain didn’t make us wait, by 9am it was really coming down, so we had a meeting break to figure out what to do. Some of us took rides back to the starting point, and some others decided to walk the way back. Some others wanted to keep walking the original route but that option was dismissed when we found out that the end of the route was along the sea and it was going to be cold and windy. Of course I joined the walking back team. It’s been at least five years since I had walked under the rain on a regular basis. It wasn’t the most comfortable felling or situation, but I without a doubt felt in my environment. I knew the feeling and recognized it right away. I was all right.

To summarize, I walked 12 miles; I got wet; I met great ladies; had tons of fun; and of course I signed up for the following training walk.

I wanted to let you know how I am doing in my training for this big event in my life.

I should also let you know how I am doing in my fundraising. I want to thank everyone who has donated money and given me support in many different ways. I really appreciate your e-mails and thought, it makes me proud of myself to know that you all think those great things about me. It wasn’t the primary purpose of my walk but it’s a nice feeling ;-) I have to say.

Money-wise the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer has received $1000 on my behalf from many of you. I still have $800 to go and 80 days left, so I also wanted to invite those of you that haven’t to donate for a good cause.

Take a look of the route we completed,-122.473011&spn=0.061171,0.11673&om=1&msid=117071811892049512980.000001120d81d149bf9c6&msa=0

And remember if you want to donate just go to this place