Sunday, March 18, 2007

Going Pink

Siempre me ha gustado ayudar en la lucha con el Cáncer de Mama, ahora tengo la oportunidad de colaborar de una manera extra-espacial: voy a participar en la caminata de Avon contra el Cáncer de Mama. Es en San Francisco, California durante el 7 y el 8 de julio. Tengo que caminar un maratón y medio y reunir 1800$ antes de la fecha del evento.

Aquí está el pequeño ensayo que escribí en mi página personal del evento para animar a la gente a que colaboren con mi causa:

There are many reasons why I want to walk. Being a woman breast cancer is a possibility that always crosses my mind. Cancer, in one way or another, runs in my family. I feel thankful for being healthy, but that hasn’t always been the case.

Six years ago I had breast surgery for two little lumps in my right breast, fortunately they were benign. Although we knew the nature of the lumps before the surgery, it was a very scary and stressful situation. About a year later my sister found similar lumps to those I had and she also faced breast surgery for the first time in 2001. She had to do it again years later and even now is in treatment for new lumps, which have become chronic in both her breasts. Again doctors keep saying our lumps are benign and there’s nothing to fear but I can’t help but worry about them.

Ever since I found my own lumps I’ve tried to do my part supporting breast cancer causes. From buying the Avon lipstick to choosing a backpack over many others because this one had the pink ribbon.

Now that I live so close to a city hosting an Avon Walk for Breast Cancer I couldn’t stop myself from engaging in this great challenge.

I walk because I know I’m at risk of having breast cancer and people I love are at risk as well. I truly believe that the money I fundraise will help to find effective treatments to the different stages of breast cancers, and most importantly I hope such treatments will be made available for those in disadvantageous situations. “Early detection is the best intervention” is a true statement but many women detect their cancer early yet don’t have the resources to access the treatment.

So I’m walking for myself and for my sister. I’m walking for my mom and her sister. I want to walk for my grandmothers and my mothers-in-love. I want to walk for my niece, for my cousin, and for her beautiful daughter. I am especially walking for my girlfriends and their girlfriends. I feel that I have to walk for all those women who are too ill to walk, and for those who didn’t survive.

I chose the Avon Walk because in Venezuela, my home country, Avon is one of the organizations most committed to fight and bring awareness about breast cancer. There are several clinics around Venezuela strictly dedicated to breast cancer prevention and treatment. It’s actually an honor for me to be able to participate in this praiseworthy campaign.

Si quieren ir a la página y ver mi progreso este es el link


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At 5:12 PM, Blogger Allie said...

Good for you! What a wonderful effort for a wonderful cause!


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